How to request the AWS team to Open Port 25?


Step 1: Sign to AWS Management Console

Step 2: To submit a request Click here.

Step 3: Go to Point no. 1 under Resolution and click on the hyperlink ‘Request to remove email sending limitations form

> Mention a valid use case and click on Submit.

It’s simple, right?

But I received a lot of text and comments that the AWS team is not opening Port 25.

Do you know why port 25 is blocked?

PORT 25 is the default port, that uses SMTP Protocol to send emails across the internet. When a computer gets infected by a virus, it can be hijacked by hackers to send out millions of spam emails. To prevent this, ISP’s block port 25.

In my case, when I requested them, they opened the port for my account within 48 hours.

I’m not sure if this post will help you or not but I can show you what I wrote.

Use case description:

I’ve hosted a Webmail Cpanel SMTP server in one of the Ec2 instances. I’m not a spammer. I’m a student trying to learn email marketing. I’m trying to connect my SMTP server with my blog. My test emails are not delivering because port 25 is blocked by default. I’d like to request the Amazon AWS team to open port 25.

Thank you.

After you submit a request to open port 25, you’ll receive an email like this.


After 24 hours, I received a second email.


Reply message:

Thank you for your response. 

 I’ve already provided the detailed use case of the EC2 instance.

 Use case: 

  1. Installation of WHM Cpanel using Centos 7
  2. Test the EMIX SMTP Server

I’ve read the AWS Policy.

The security measures are: 

1. SMTP authentication to control user access. 

2. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) method to prevent spoofed sender addresses. 

3. Reverse DNS lookups to verify the existence of the sender’s email domain before accepting a message.

I’m not a technical person myself, just a beginner trying to learn how to set up mail servers.

I only have 13 days’ license left for the WHM to test the server. I’d appreciate it if the AWS team can open port 25 for my account. I’m not a spammer, I’ll follow the AWS guidelines.

Within 48 hours they opened Port 25 for my account. I’d request you not to copy the same message but do mention a valid use case and be honest.

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