How to scrape emails & build your own email list for free?


Are you planning to buy an Email List and promote your products/service?

There are organizations like Spamhaus, Uceprotect, etc leave “spam traps” or “honeypots” for shady list sellers to collect. And email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc rely on them to help block spam.

If one of those email addresses ends up in your list, you’re in trouble! It’s like having bad credit – it can take a long time to rebuild trust with blacklists and until you do, you’ll have poor delivery results. For the L3 blacklist, Uceprotect charges 25 CHF to remove the IP from the blacklist.

Recommendation: Use Opt-in- List ie. Signups forms, subscribe popups to collect email.

Let’s say you’re a new company and you don’t have a customer base. Maybe you have a service that people will love… if only they heard about you. Whatever the reason, buying an email list seems like an easy, low-cost way to grow your business. But there are some serious consequences to purchasing. So, without wasting time let’s learn how we can build our email list.


  1. Chrome
  2. Email Extractor Extension
  3. Microsoft Excel

First download chrome browser and then and open

  • Search Chrome web store
  • Type Extractor on the search bar
  • Install the Extractor.

Select a query/keyword based on your specific niche.

For example,

In my previous blog, I’ve shown you how to build your own smtp server using AWS.

Let say, I want to promote that blog and the youtube video tutorial.

To do that I will target those people who are interested in Email marketing and Digital Marketing.

Based on your specific niche you can collect Email Id.

Step 1:

Open and use the search bar

“query/keyword” “email provider”

Eg. “Email Marketing” “”

If you want to collect email id based on region/ location

“query/keyword” “country/city” “email client”

Eg. “Food blogger” “India” “”

       “Photography” “Mumbai” “”

Press Enter.

Go to search settings.

By default, it shows 10 search results. Move the slider and make it 100.

Click on save and verify the captcha.

Now, it will show 100 search results. Open Email Extractor and Copy the Email Id’s.

Use Excel and paste the Email Id.

Go back to goggle and scroll down and select search result 2. Open Email Extractor and Copy the Email Id’s. Use Excel and paste the Email Id.

Repeat the same process by changing the names of the email providers.


“Food blogger” “India” “”

“Food blogger” “India” “”

“Food blogger” “India” “”

“Food blogger” “India” “”

“Food blogger” “India” “”

“Food blogger” “India” “”

Collect all the email Id. Now, format the excel sheet by removing all the duplicates.

Select the column range > Go to Data > Remove Duplicates > OK.

Now, we have our email list. But, before sending email campaigns we  need to validate the email list.

For Email Validation:

You can use service like. (paid)

Zerobounce (Paid)

H-Supertools Email Validator (Free)

If you want to validate emails for free use H-supertools Email Validator. Other wise you can hire someone from to do the email validations. I think they charge $5- $10 to validate 1000 Email.

How to validate emails for free using H-supertools email validator?

Click on > H-supertools email validator

Paste 20 email id click on validate.

Note: Daily limit is 200. So, If need to validate 1000 email id for that create 5 Gmail id and register with each of them and validate emails for free.

Email scraping takes time and effort. If you done have that time and If you are planning to buy E Mail lists, you need to also understand a concept known as data decay. Data decay means gradual loss of data quality.

Data decay for B2B is around 30% per year (approx). Which means if you buy leads which are more than 1 year old and not updated, then only 70% of those leads will be good quality leads.

You can hire company who are experts in manually creating targeted leads for you, you can try out Aceinfoservice from the link below. The data is usually 99% accurate.

Aceinfoservice E Mail lists

Their services are also very affordable. The only drawback is since they create lists manually, they may not be able to provide you with more than 500–600 leads per day if you are looking to buy in bulk.

If you want to buy bluk email list then you can also check out these websites.

•          E-Mail Datapro

•          Listgiant

•          Leadsplease

•          Data HQ

•          Advocacydata

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