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How to start your business with Zero Investment & Promote it for Free?


Bytes On Tech helps you promote your own business through Email Marketing. According to India Today, 122 million people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What if you don’t have a business to promote online and make money. Don’t worry, today I’ll show you how you can start your own business for free. In my previous blog post, I’ve shown you how to build...

How to request the AWS team to Open Port 25?


Step 1: Sign to AWS Management Console Step 2: To submit a request Click here. Step 3: Go to Point no. 1 under Resolution and click on the hyperlink ‘Request to remove email sending limitations form’ > Mention a valid use case and click on Submit. It’s simple, right? But I received a lot of text and comments that the AWS team is not opening Port 25. Do you know why port 25 is blocked? PORT 25 is...

How to install Mautic Email Marketing Application?


Email marketing application is a software that we connect with the smtp to launch and run email marketing campaigns.If you’re planning to start email marketing, then you need two things. SMTP ServerEmail Marketing Application What is Mautic? Mautic is an open-source Email Marketing Automation software. As it is an open-source software you can automate your email campains for free. Download...

How to scrape emails & build your own email list for free?


Are you planning to buy an Email List and promote your products/service? There are organizations like Spamhaus, Uceprotect, etc leave “spam traps” or “honeypots” for shady list sellers to collect. And email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc rely on them to help block spam. If one of those email addresses ends up in your list, you’re in trouble! It’s like having bad credit – it can take a...

How to build your own SMTP Server using AWS for free?


Requirements: One DomainAWS AccountPuttyPutty-gen If you already have a domain, you can create a subdomain and use that, or else you can buy a domain from Godaddy, Hostinger, or Namecheap. If you buy a domain from Hostinger, it’ll cost you around Rs. 75/year.  Hosting: You can use a VPS or a Dedicated Server to host your SMTP Server. VPS Options Available: AWS, Contabo, Linode, Hostinger...

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